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Gym League Rules Empty Gym League Rules

Post by The Obsidian Wolf on Sun Nov 25, 2007 1:32 am

These are the rules under which you will battle the Gym Leaders here at the Gemstone League:

1) Matches will be conducted on Wifi, and will be Lv. 100 Single. Voice Chat is banned (so that you can’t swear at the Gym Leaders, and so that the Gym Leaders don’t swear at you. Smile )

2) Pokemon from the tier OU and less will be accepted. No Ubers are allowed.

3) No Pokemon are allowed to be hacked, even if it makes them ‘semi legit.’ If you think that a challenger or a Gym Leader is using hacked Pokemon, contact a Moderator or Admin, giving an account of why you think said Pokemon was hacked.

4) When challenging the Elite Four, you must use the same team of six Pokemon for each battle. In order to uphold this rule, Elite Four members will PM the challenger's team that they saw to me after their battle, and I will cross reference this with the other Elites' messages of that same person. The idea is to add a little fun, and to reminisce slightly on the way the game does it, while retaining the originality that I hope the site brings.

5) Challengers are banned from sharing the information of a Gym Leader or Elite Four's team with any other challenger. While we cannot monitor every single PM, (at least, I don't think we can) we hope that you will all adhere to this rule as it will take away some of the tension of what the Gym Leader / Elite Four's team holds.

Consequences of not adhering to these rules:

-If you're a Gym Leader, you're not anymore.
-If you're an E4 Leader, you're not anymore.
-If you're a challenger- you get the idea.

Better, Crystal? Razz

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Gym League Rules Empty Re: Gym League Rules

Post by Crystal on Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:30 pm

And what are the Consequences of breaking these laws, Enigma? :p[/b]

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