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Gym League Rules Empty Gym League Rules

Post by The Claw of Zangoose on Tue Dec 11, 2007 2:16 pm

Wi-Fi gym league rules can be found here.

Shoddy gym league rules can be found here.

Other rules:
1) Gym Leaders/E4 members cannot become moderators unless they're gym leaders/E4 members in both leagues.

2) A member may not be both the leader of the Wifi E4 and the leader of the Shoddy E4.

3) Moderators / Admins as such may not take the gym league challenge or become a gym leader/E4 member.

4) More of a precaution - If you're an E4 member/gym leader in one league, it's more likely you won't become an E4 member/gym leader of the other one.

Also, The Obsidian Wolf is in charge of the Wi-Fi league. I'm in charge of the Shoddy one.
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