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Post by The Claw of Zangoose on Tue Nov 20, 2007 12:41 pm

THE RULES - failure to abide these rules could result in deletion of posts, temporary bans and even permanant bans.

Rule 1 - No text speak, swear words, lines of emoticons/long words, double-posting.

Rule 2 - No going off-topic. (Try not to.)

Rule 3 - NO advertising for other websites. This results in an INSTANT BAN. Links in signatures are allowed, though.

Rule 4 - No talking about things that are against the law.

Rule 5 - Do not argue against admins/mods.

Rule 6 - We admins/mods are 99.999% right. Don't make conversations about it.

Rule 7 - No asking to be an admin/mod/other (unless there is an applications forum for it, then you need to apply there once.)

Rule 8 - No stretching the page. That gets annyoing quickly.

Rule 9 - We admins/mods are busy people! Don't PM us without permission or a good reason.

Rule 10 - Don't harass other members to give away personal details.
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