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How to become a Gym Leader Empty How to become a Gym Leader

Post by The Claw of Zangoose on Tue Jan 01, 2008 6:14 am

I nervously walk down the corridor. My interviewers are in the room to the left. Quickly, I look over my notes, reciting them in my head until I know them well enough. Then I tear them and throw them in the bin. The door creaks as I push it open but it opens easily. I walk through the door and find both The Claw of Zangoose and The Obsidian Wolf sitting behind a desk surveying my every move. Obsidian gestures towards a seat and I sit on it. We sit there for five minutes just looking at each other until Zangoose leans forward. He states two words.

“Impress me.”

This topic is mainly to clear up how to become a gym leader, and to help people see what could improve their chance of gaining the position. There are certain things we look for in a gym leader, and there are certain things we despise in a gym leader.

Section 1: The application process.

1) Firstly, the person who wishes to apply will post a completed form in the Gym Leader Applications forums (Wi-Fi and Shoddy respectively). Both The Obsidian Wolf and I then read this and we decide if it is good enough to go to the next step.

2) Next, the person who got past the first step must PM either me or The Obsidian Wolf with a description of their team. Here is an example:

Username: Apollo
Theme: Space
Team: Solrock / Jirachi / Metagross / Clefable / Claydol / Porygon-Z

Written Description:
The idea of this team is to conform to the theme that I have chosen (space) while ensuring that it can contend with the standards of Standard OU play. All of the Pokemon have been chosen because of the space-like natures, but the choice has also been down to their statistics.
The main idea of this team is to lead with Solrock. While I do not intend on giving away the whole strategy of this team, Solrock’s job is to set up Trick Room, Explode, and then give way for Life Orb Metagross, whose Speed IV and Nature work well with this combination. Jirachi is a Pokémon that I intend on using to pass Wish to weakened Pokémon using U-Turn, while Clefable has a certain novelty about it (regarding Magic Guard) that sets it out from the other pokémon.
Claydol is there for support, including Rapid Spin to get rid of anything on my side of the arena, while including Stealth Rock to ensure that switching is discouraged. Porygon will be a late game sweeper, as it has Agility and three moves that take out late game survivors. The fact that it will be a late game sweeper means that the effects of Trick Room that supported the other Pokémon will not trouble it.

Through this, we will be able to tell your grammar and teambuilding skills, both of which we look for in a gym leader.

3) The next thing that the person must do is be interviewed by both The Obsidian Wolf and me. This will take place on IRC on either #GemStone or #gemstone - both of which are official The Gemstone League channels. Here, we will see your maturity and personality. We will also be asking you questions about pokémon to see your general pokémon skills.

4) Finally, we will arrange for the person to battle either us or a current gym leader to test their battling skills. Sometimes this will be more then one battle, but if you can convince us with one then you only need to do one.

Section 2: Things we like in a Gym Leader.

Maturity - We want the gym leaders to be something to look up to - imagine if your parents had the mental age of a seven-year-old. It would be much harder to look up to them to give you manners wouldn’t it? Some people won’t get employed just because they’re so immature - it’s the same thing here. Of course, we don’t mind a joker as much, and on IRC I joke about, but then there’s a fine line between a joker and an immature idiot, isn’t there?

Grammar - The same ideas lie here as with maturity. We do not mind if your grammar is not perfect, but if you speak “lol I r bst ftw I r” we probably won’t like it, but “Lol, doesn’t that prove I’m best” is acceptable. If you are not sure, all you really need is to stay away from txtspk and use full stops, capital letters and commas.

Team Building Skill - If you’re a good battler, but someone else has to make your team, it’s not very inspiring. The ability to help others with their team and maybe even remake your team to improve it from recent battle evidence on your own is very useful and all gym leaders should have this ability.

Battling Skill - Guess why we want our gym leaders to have this.

Note that we may not accept you for another reason, but these are just the most important things we look for.

Section 3: ‘Brownie Points’ (name made by Crystal)

Brownie points do not exist as such (unless you are a Brownie) but are a way of describing how much a person has done for the site. If person x and person y’s applications are very similar but x has helped re-do our rules to make them better, there is more chance that x will get a gym leader slot. This could also include writing guides for the site, or helping out in the team-building forum consistently etc. You cannot ask how many Brownie Points you have because they don’t exist, but I could say “Oh, person x has more Brownie Points then person y.” or “You’ve got some Brownie Points, thanks.” This will also apply to trying to become a moderator. Note that rule-breakages lower your Brownie Points.

That is all.
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