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Application Forms - Look here before posting! Empty Application Forms - Look here before posting!

Post by The Obsidian Wolf on Wed Nov 21, 2007 11:30 am

In this forum, you will apply to become one of the Gemstone Gym Leaders. Check the other stickies; one of them is an example application thread.

Please don’t apply to be a Gym Leader unless you have the time to do this. Also, it would be nice if you have at least two thirds of your team done, because we will not be accepting ‘my team’s half finished, I’ll just use this Pokemon in replacement until it’s done.” I’m afraid that your whole team must fit into the theme (see a little below.)

The idea of the Gemstone League was that it would contrast greatly to the usual Gym Leaders that you would get on the games and other, similar sites. Instead of types, we will have themes. So, rather than having a team of Fire Pokemon, or Ground Pokemon, you would have a theme that describes what sort of Pokemon you will be using.

For example, you could have an Eeveelution theme, whereby you only use Eevee and/or its evolutions. Equally, you might have an Insect Group theme, where you would use Pokemon from the Insect Egg Group (such as Flygon and others.)

NOTE: When choosing a theme that your team will be centered around, you must make sure that it is not a monotype team; so, if your theme is, say...'Evil Pokemon (bad example, I know) you cannot have a team of Houndoom / Honchkrow / Weavile / Spiritomb / Sableye / Mightyena.

A good example would be something like a 'Regal Theme,' that would include these Pokemon:

Kingdra / Slowking / Seaking / Nidoking / Slaking / Kingler

They don't have the same type, but they all have something in common with one another. Other theme ideas could perhaps be their colour, their similarity with animals (perhaps a dinosaur theme/?) or even fossils. Just as long as your team does not have each Pokemon sharing a type while retaining the fact that they have something in common, your theme will be fine. Wink


Fill in the form below and make a topic about it.



Information about your Gym:

Friend Code:

It is absolutely paramount that you have good grammar and spelling. The former is more important than the latter, but both are extremely important on this website. It is our hope that when this forum reaches a high enough status, members will respect and revere the Gym Leaders and Elite Four, as they will be renowned for their battling skills and prowess. However, respect and reverence will not be received by someone who can barely spell their own name, let alone construct a proper sentence. Similarly, maturity is also a keystone to this League; if you're not mature, then people won't be taking you seriously, and respect and reverence will not be coming your way.

Please note: We are currently devising a system that will decide whether or not you will be chosen as a Gym Leader / Elite Member. Until then, you are welcome to post your applications, but don't expect them to be rated any time soon. To make your application, just create a new topic, with the above information all filled out (check the example form, it's stickied for convenience. Wink )
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