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Standard Battle Rules Empty Standard Battle Rules

Post by Crystal on Sat Dec 08, 2007 2:07 pm

If someone asks you for a standard battle, it is meant by these simple rules.

The game will be played in the Standard OU tier, this means you may use any Pokemon from OU, BL, UU or NU. But you may not use any Pokemon from the Uber tier, if an Uber is present in the battle, the player without the Uber has the right to disconnect.

The following clauses will be active:

~Sleep Clause - No two Pokemon on the opponents, or your team may be asleep at the same time. Rest is excluded, however.
~Species Clause - You may use only ONE of each Pokemon. E.g only one Salamence, having two is breaking the clause
~Self KO Clause - You may not use a "Suicide move" if you or your opponent are down to one Pokemon, these moves include Explosion, Self Destruct and Destiny Bond.
~Evasion Clause - You may not use evasion modifiers such as Double team, or sand attack. But weather evasion modifiers are allowed (Sand Veil, Snow Cloak).
~OHKO Clause - No use of OHKO moves such as Horn Drill, or Fissure.

You may not disconnect unless you can specify a good reason, e.g one of these rules being broken, if you cannot specify a reason, there will be no rematch. Therefore, check you have a strong Wi-Fi connection, as we may not believe "My internet screwed up".

Tip: If your connection is less then 2 bars, get closer to your router. If you can touch you router without moving from your spot and it's still like this, you have a problem.

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